About Us


Arabian Medical Products Manufacturing Company (ENAYAH) - a joint venture of SPIMACO, OSHCO, & HYH - is the local licensed manufacturer of Halyard Health disposable products. It is established in November 1991, and started commercial production in June 1992.

ENAYAH manufactures extensive range of single-use healthcare products. Product range includes: Surgical Gowns, Packs (Sets) and Components, Accessories, Protective Appeals, Sterilization Wrap and Procedure Packs. The plant is equipped with the latest manufacturing technologies and equipments. It also has its own sterilization facility. Categories consist of a variety of products to meet each individual operation requirement. ENAYAH also manufactures Industrial Coveralls for the industrial and agriculture sectors.

Apart from the standard range of products, ENAYAH has the capability and capacity to manufacture customized healthcare products and industrial coveralls depending on customer requirements.

Located in the Second Industrial Area - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, ENAYAH is able to meet and satisfy customer needs in healthcare requirements and industrial sectors, in Saudi Arabia, GCC countries, as well as Middle East and North African countries.